Yelp’s Berry Glad to Meet You
Seeking a buzz with berry beverages? Mosey over to the “heart of the art and design district” and visit Lost & Found SaloonGeorge W sipped Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat: “the best blueberry beer around.”

Winner of the 2012 CMUS Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award based on all new
CMUS Power Ratings (TM)


Miami New Times, Best Burrito Finalist


Best Kept Secret in Miami


Healthy Voyager 


Miami New Times
“”Giddy Up” to Lost and Found’s Don’t Call it a Happy Hour”

Miami New Times Review
Miami Cafe/Restaurants

Best of Award (New Times)
2008 Best Cookie

Jim DeFede names it “Best Southwestern Eats”
“This may be the best breakfast/lunch eatery in Miami. The Lost and Found Saloon is a great place to kick back, relax and enjoy a reasonably priced meal.”

Yelp Reviews
Real people, real reviews about The Lost & Found Saloon

Urbanspoon Reviews
Get the scoop on Miami’s restaurants!

Mango & Lime
Happy I Found Lost and Found Saloon
“The small restaurant, which has a modern decor with cowboyish accents, serves what it calls Southwestern cuisine. On large flat-screen TVs, owner Ken Bercell plays surfing movies or nature documentaries, but, he tells us, he has two satellites and will show sporting events. The menu is small but includes an interesting mix of items like tacos, burritos, flautas, crabmeat stuffed endives and a three-bean veggie burger. Nothing’s fried here. Portions are just right. Food is fresh.”
Zagat rated The Lost & Found Saloon
Who’s our mayor?

The Artful Palate
Lost and Found Saloon
“Don’t worry about dressing up for this unique hole in the wall, The chandeliers are wagon wheels and the mural on the wall is of the Grand Canyon.  Cowboy chotchkies and mason jar drinking mugs keep company with a life-size John Wayne cut-out found on the way to the restrooms. (…)”

Midtown Chic-a Bites
I was lost, but now I’m found…
“This is the type of spot I love finding out about b/c its close to home, has great food and atmosphere and is perfect for fun, casual dining with friends. A group of 8 of us had lunch here on a Friday afternoon and although it was a tight fit, we had a great time chatting over our Posse Energy Burritos and Baked Chicken Flautas. Definitely worth checking out!”

Meatless Miami
A guide to eating veg in the magic city
“Wahoooo for funky new neighborhood spots with progressive menus! Lost and Found is fairly new but has already attracted a hip local clientele. This “Southwestern/Western” eatery has themed decor and some fresh food options. There are lots of omelet and burrito variations, vegetarian chili and black bean soup, “Pinon and Pepita Crusted Tofu,” and their “Signature Salad” has pretty much everything yummy in it – tofu, avocado, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes – over mixed greens instead of blah iceberg. The owner was super friendly and let us know that more vegetarian options, including black bean burgers and tofu melts, are on their way with the next menu update. Saddle up and check it out. Or if your horse is tired, they deliver too. (P.S. Their cookies are fresh and warm and gooey and are AWESOME. As a cookie aficionado I will certainly be back for this reason alone. -Lo)”
Giddy up to Lost and Found for healthy, fresh eats.
“With a name like Lost and Found Saloon it seems like the grub would be brown, hot and simple, just like the chuck wagon fare from Old West films but the fare at this Design District eatery is anything but. The freshest ingredients around and a well thought out menu keep diners coming back for more.”
Restaurant Review
“Texmex-style hole in the wall serving up fresh burritos, tacos, and sandwiches as well as eclectic beers. Hot pulled pork on sourdough, posse energy burrito, and blueberry beer are favorites. Many entrees can substitute with tofu.”


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