The Lost and Found Saloon

A Southwestern/Western style restaurant, with a fine selection of Brews and Grapes, in the heart of Midtown and Miami’s Wynwood Art and Design Districts.

Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner all day, everyday.
Call ahead for Take Out, Delivery
185 NW 36th Street. Miami, FL 33127

Delivery Hours
11am to 11pm Sunday to Thursday
11am to 1pm Friday and Saturday

Hours of Operation
11am to 3pm everyday!


One Response to About

  1. Josh says:

    I’ve been going to your restaurant despite chronically poor service for a couple of years now. I live in the area, but generally come for lunch with others from my office. The food is amazing and while the wait can often be long – it is typically worth it. When we came in for lunch today there was one girl, clearly in the weeds with four four tops and a pair at the bar. Seeing that she was lost, we tried to make it easy on her and ordered everything right off the bat and all at once – round of water, round of drinks, four posse burritos and a chicken sandwich. About 10 minutes went by and nothing. I went to the counter and reminded her of our drinks. Five more minutes passed and she brought the drinks but no water. I then went out to speak with my girlfriend who was dining at another table with two other women from our office. They had been in the front table for ten minutes without being touched. At about the 45 minute mark one of our party went to the bar and noticed you noticing that our food had not been put in. Meanwhile my girlfriends table was finishing their meal. Within a minute of learning this we told you we were leaving. Certainly, it was not too late to put a hold on the food. We know the service at the restaurant is bad so none of us were surprised. What surprised me was that after we left you bad-mouthed us to your other patrons – my girlfriend and two co-workers among them. Going as far as to blame the poor service they received on our leaving – they of course knew better as they had been there nearly the entire time and knew that our food couldn’t have been holding up the kitchen because the kitchen didn’t have our order. Of course this type of behavior – along with slamming around in the restaurant, only reflects poorly on you. Because I love the food and I feel bad for the waitress, I write you rather than Yelp with a small piece of advice from a former restaurant manager, and more importantly, a frequent restaurant patron: treat your employees better and they’ll stick around long enough to learn how to manage the entire front of the house. There is no reason why one person can’t manage all of the tables unless they all sit at once. Yelling at your waitress in front of everyone is unacceptable – her training and ability and the fact that she was left alone when she wasn’t up to the task falls squarely on your shoulders and you should be ashamed of the way you treated her in public. She was struggling and it wasn’t for lack of trying. You have a tough location that you’ve been able to do something with because people love your food. It won’t last forever. I work in an office with nearly 200 attorneys who eat out regularly – badmouthing me to my girlfriend is something that gets around. And to the ladies in the kitchen: give them a hug and a raise and a bonus and frequent thanks because they are the only things keeping you in business.

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